Young Chefs initiates partnership with JustFood Co-op

Young Chefs is all about bringing cooking to the next generation to promote healthy eating; we want our young chefs to become aware of the health benefits of nutritiously delicious food, while also gaining experience with creativity and experimentation.

This idea is near and dear to the Just Food Co-op, the whole foods grocery store in Northfield, MN. Ever since the inception of Young Chefs three years ago, we have worked closely together with the Co-op in various events, mostly by hosting healthy cooking classes for youth at their community center. And when Bill Yosses, former White House pastry chef, came to visit a few weeks ago, the Co-op played a crucial role in marketing and support for our public events.

Today, we are proud to announce a new milestone in our partnership. From this week, JustFood Co-op will support Young Chefs by providing healthy and wholesome foods for our classes in Minnesota. This partnership will not only ensure that we can utilize the best possible ingredients available and truly teach the Young Chefs about the value of quality, but will also provide avenues for the Co-op to spread their vision to new populations. We are looking forward to where the synergy can take us!

Thank you, Co-op!




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