Young Chefs to present at two state-wide conferences

Many exciting things are happening with Young Chefs right now. Perhaps most immediate are our upcoming presentations at two state-wide Minnesota conferences: the Minnesota National Science Teacher’s Association (MNSTA) annual conference, and the conference of the Minnesota Association for Alternative Programs (MAAP), an organization that involves over 145,000 students. Over the next week, our core curriculum development group composed of Carleton College students and faculty will collaborate in putting together an engaging, interactive one-hour presentation that aims to introduce educators to the ins and outs of our program, while also laying out how to use the Young Chefs model to empower students in a range of settings. We are excited to present at these two large conferences and to keep spreading our vision far beyond Minnesota. We can’t wait to see all the exciting opportunities that will come out of this. Wish us luck!

MAAP logo


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