Firebellies/Young Chefs Receives Large Alumni Donation to Establish Cookbook Library for Carleton Community

Bringing new culinary experiences and skills to members of our community is near and dear to Firebellies, the Carleton Culinary Club ( and the Young Chefs Program ( Through hands-on cooking classes and food workshops at Carleton and beyond, we seek to empower people of all ages with new skills and knowledge.
Today, we are happy to announce a fantastic and new opportunity for culinary learning.
Together with her husband Eric Randolph, Annie Katata, a Carleton alumna of ’78 and a passionate food activist and culinary enthusiast, has decided to donate over 150 cookbooks and culinary publications to the Firebellies and Young Chefs clubs at Carleton College. Thanks to their wonderful generosity, we are establishing a number of shelves as a designated cookbook library on the fourth floor of the Gould Memorial Library. These books will soon be available on open reserve for all members of the Carleton community for “use, research and exploration of culinary endeavors by future generations of the Carleton community.” More broadly, these resources will serve as continuos inspiration for Firebellies’ and Young Chefs’ efforts to engage the next generation with food and cooking. You can see the attached document for the full list of titles. 
Like our Young Chefs / Firebellies facebook pages to stay up to date on the construction of the Annie Katata ’78 and Eric Randolph Library for culinary learning.
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