Starting our Garden! Cultivating plants and minds in Northfield, MN.

Our garden, which is funded by Kitchen Garden Laboratory, is two weeks in the making!

Last week was our first garden class at the Northfield Middle School and we got to meet some of the students who will be the founding gardeners of the first ever middle school garden in Northfield. We began by talking a bit of gardening and the conversation soon progressed to what types of plants to grow—from jalapenos to rhubarb, there were great ideas! After talking plants, it wasn’t long until the conversation hopped to what we we’d want to cook with these crops—pizza, pie, and salads topped the list! Following this brainstorming, it was time to get our hands dirty and plant some seedlings—soon we’ll have peas and beans to snack on!

This week, for our second garden class, we explored the process of planning a garden—square foot garden style. There were three students and it was awesome to have some 1-1 time! Because of this, we were able to stray from the lesson and brainstorm as a team at the beginning of the class. After bouncing ideas back and forth (everything from trellises to solar cells), students designed their own 2×2 raised bed, calculating the number of plants that could fit depending the required spacing. Once the individual square foot beds were designed, we came together as a group and planned a raised bed as a team—using vegetables as stamps to decorate our design! As class ended, our focus turned towards the next big topic—what to call the garden! Such an important decision couldn’t be decided in a split second, so you’ll have to wait till next week to hear more!

garden3 garden2 garden1

Erin Roth ’16, Young Chefs Garden Director


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