Young Chefs Hosts Class for Indian Health Board Minneapolis

Today was a great day in Young Chefs, because we had the wonderful opportunity to travel from Northfield to Minneapolis to host a class for the Indian Health Board as part of their Diabetes Prevention Program. The Indian Health Board (IHB) of Minneapolis is a community health clinic that provides for the health needs of the American Indian community living in Minneapolis. IHB provides medical and dental care and counseling services to more than 7,000 patients each year in the heart of Minneapolis’ Phillips neighborhood.

Today, four of our volunteers from  Young Chefs hosted a class about legumes. As a spin-off of the Nitrogen lesson plan, our class focused on the many benefits of legumes for our health and environment, and how to prepare legumes in creative, delicious, and nutritious ways. To illustrate this, we made four different kinds of hummus: chipotle black bean, lemon white bean, garbanzo tahini, and lentil valbreso feta. The food was wonderful in many ways, but it was especially great to share knowledge and skills with a new group of people. We are excited to continue this collaboration in the future.

IMG_2635 IMG_2636 IMG_2638 IMG_2640 IMG_2641 IMG_2644 IMG_2645 IMG_2646 IMG_2647


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