How Are People Using Our Curriculum?

image (1)

What Settings Are Curriculum is Used In. This graph was generated from data of what settings educators are using Young Chefs curriculum in. 

In addition to The Young Chefs curriculum and resources being used in a vast variety of places, now from Sri Lanka to New York City,  educators are also using it in a diverse array of different settings. The graph above shows a breakdown of what spaces our curriculum is being used in. As you can see, the majority of the time, are lesson plans are used in either during school or in after school programs. But a significant amount of people are also testing them out in their own home kitchens, at different summer camps, and recently, even in science museums.

This diversity in settings where educators use our curriculum speaks to the adaptability of our lesson plans. We are continuing to work hard to generate lesson plans that can enhance as many different settings and programs as possible. We are also working to clearly communicate what resources you might need for each lesson plan, so you can feel prepared to teach our curriculum in which ever setting you want. Take a look at our Teaching Resources to find more information.

Are you eager to try out making chocolate, learning about polymers or experimenting with pickles in your classroom, home kitchen, or a new frontier? Get started and request some lesson plans here!


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