Young Chefs in New Haven, CT

An after school program at the Co-op for Arts and Humanities High-School just started its second class of “Cooking as Science” using the Young Chefs’ curriculum! “Celebrating the arts in each of us and in all we do, Cooperative Arts and Humanities is a rigorous arts-focused, college preparatory program that awakens a diverse community of student-artists to their individual powers as creators, thinkers, and leaders for the twenty-first century.” At this high school in New Haven, Connecticut, the Young Chefs Program is used as part of the school’s robust after school programming, in a class led by one of the school’s chemistry teachers. The program was well received in the Fall of 2015 and the school’s educators and students are excited for “Cooking as Science” lessons to continue this Spring. The lessons are used to provide a novel and creative approach to learning crucial scientific concepts. The Exploring Phases Changes Through Ice Cream and Chocolate Sauce lesson plan was particularly successful. Students enjoyed both the process of making their own ice cream, gaining hands-on experience with phase changes, and eating the delicious outcomes!


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