Young Chefs/Kitchen Garden Laboratory at Harvard

by Vayu Maini Rekdal

Had a great time working with Bill Yosses showcasing our work with Young Chefs Program: From Cooking to Science and Kitchen Garden Laboratory in front of 300 people at Harvard University. These public lectures are what first inspired my thinking around cooking, science, and education, so it was a true honor to be up there on Monday. Thanks to those who made it!

Lots of interest in what we do! Lots of inspiration for the future!



Young Chefs at South by South Lawn!

Visionary advisor and co-founder Vayu Maini Rekdal was honored to be invited to present Young Chefs Program: From Cooking to Science at Barack Obama‘s South By South Lawn at The White House. Alongside Bill Yosses, Jose Andres and Green Bronx Machine he demoed of some of Young Chefs cooking-science lessons, and presented our vision for the future as part of the “SEED to STOVE exhibit”. The night concluded with a discussion on climate change between Barack Obama and Leonardo DiCaprio. What a wonderful celebration of art, ideas, and service. Thanks to all the people in Young Chefs who have taken us this far, and thanks toHarvard University for funding.