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All our lesson plans are free, have been peer-reviewed by experts in the field, and have been revised based on testing with multiple groups of students before publishing. Adapted to the Next-Generation Science Standards, they can be used for after-school programs, at home, during classroom lessons, and in a range of other settings.

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Lesson Title

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The Right Spice: Exploring Olfaction through Spice Combinations
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Do Curds Just Want to be Cheese? No WHEY! Exploring Enzymes through Homemade Burrata Cheese
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The Rise of Steamed Buns: Exploring Cellular Respiration through Steamed Buns
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Yes we “Can: Exploring Microbes in Food Preservation
photo 1

Sensation and Perception

Discovering Umami: Exploring the Sense of Taste
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Caramelizing Catalysts: Exploring Catalysts through Caramelized Onions
photo 5 (3)

Nitrogen Fixation

Hummus and Humus: Humus, Legumes, and Nitrogen Fixation
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The Knead-to-Know Dough: Exploring Gluten Formation in Pie Crusts
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Molecular Properties of Polymers

Risotto: Exploring the Science Behind Starches




Lesson Title

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Physical Changes

Popping the Question: Exploring the Science Behind the Corniest Phase Change
photo 2 (3)

MISCIBILITY and Emulsions

Magical Mixology: The Science Behind Mixing Oil and Water
photo 1 (4)


Marinating Madness: Exploring Diffusion with Marinated Tofu
photo 4

Protein Denaturation

What’s the Deal with Eggs?: Demystifying Heating and Whisking Eggs
photo 3


Drinkable Density: Exploring Density through a Homemade Fruit Beverage
photo 2

Phase Changes

Without Ice Cream, There Would be Chaos: Exploring Phase Changes with Ice Cream and Chocolate Sauce
photo 2 (2)

Crystal Formation

Hot Tempered: Exploring Transitions in Chocolate
photo 2 (4)

Acids & Bases


Not your Basic Pickle: Exploring pH while making Pickles
photo 3 (5)

Molecular Solubility

EXTRACTING HOTNESS: Exploring solubility through chili peppers and shrimp cocktail
Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 12.51.58 AM

Foams and Aeration

Puffy Pancakes: The Science of Foams
Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 12.57.22 AM


Soupy Starches: Exploring the Science Behind the Thickening of Soup
Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 12.59.25 AM

Oxidation and Reduction

Oxidizing Potatoes: Exploring Food Waste and the Science behind Browning
photo 4

Polymer Crosslink

CORNY MOLECULES: Exploring polymer crosslinking through corn tortillas
Molten Chocolate Cake

Heat Diffusion

I Lava Science: Exploring Heat Diffusion through Molten Chocolate Cake
photo 4

The Maillard Reaction (Chemical catalysis, pH)

Pretzels: Not Your Basic Browned Bread





Lesson Title

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Experimental Design

The Quest for the Perfect Cookie: Practicing the Scientific Method through Baking

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