Request Curriculum

Please familiarize yourself with our curriculum request process.

  1. Initial curriculum request: filling out this form will give you access to 6 different lesson plans and all our associated teaching resources. You can read the description of each lesson by clicking on the titles on this page. The 6 lessons represent some of our most widely used lesson plans and also cover a range of scientific concepts, culinary skills, and equipment requirements.
  2. Use at least one lesson
  3. After using the lesson(s), If you are interested in our full 25-lesson plan curriculum, email
  4. Full curriculum request: we will respond to your email with the form for the full curriculum request. This form involves briefly sharing and rating your experiences with our lessons. Adding your voice to our program helps us improve. We will then review your full request and direct you to the full curriculum.


If you are interested in receiving the initial set of 6 lesson plans, please fill out the initial curriculum request below.