Welcome to the online headquarters of Young Chefs, an organization that uses hands-on cooking education to empower the next generation with culinary skills and scientific knowledge. We develop free open-access lesson plans and teaching resources for cooking-science education, and support educators to implement our curriculum in diverse programs across the globe. From afterschool programming and teacher workshops to summer camps and in-school lessons, our innovative approach enables students to succeed in the kitchen, classroom, and beyond.

Used by thousands of educators across classroom and other educational contexts, the open-access curriculum is formatted to Next-Generation science standards and contains a step-by-step instructor guide to the wonderful science of delicious, healthy, and quick food. The videos below, produced with HarvardX, showcase some of our lessons.

Our overarching goal is to:

  1. Engage students with scientific concepts and methods across the physical and life sciences.
  2. Empower students with tangible culinary skills and knowledge to foster healthy relationships with food.
  3. Develop science-cooking curriculum and teaching resources for educators to use in communities across the globe.

On this site, you’ll find lesson plans for instructor use, in addition to a number of recipes for an academic or home setting, all of which have been successfully tested with youth ranging from elementary school to high school. Please feel free to click around, and watch this space for new updates on Young Chefs. We are continuously updating our website and resources! The vision of our program is outlined by founder Vayu Maini Rekdal below.