Young Chefs expands to The Bronx, NY

This past winter, we were privileged enough to have former White House pastry chef Bill Yosses visit Carleton College and Young Chefs in MN. This led to the exciting opportunity of having Young Chefs present at the New York Times Travel Show later in the winter, where we connected with a range of organizations who are working to change the way we eat and think about food. Now these connections have led to some exciting developments!

Through his Oregon-based non-profit Kitchen Garden Laboratory (which is funding the Young Chefs Garden in Northfield, MN), Bill Yosses will bring our curriculum to underserved youth in the Bronx, NY. Using the emulsions, salsa, hummus, and other lessons, Bill will collaborate with nationally renowned non-profit Green Bronx Machine in their afterschool program to empower the next generation with culinary and scientific knowledge. Go Bill!



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